Commitment's Hidden Fantasy aka Hilda...

En hälsning från Hilda i Finland. Så himla roligt att höra att allt går som det ska. Hilda är en tik av 3 ur Ella och Doncho kombinationen i december 2016.
" Hilda is growing too fast, I noticed one day I haven't take photos of her for a few weeks. She is so energy, I haven't seen similar chow chow puppy :) She jumps and run and sometimes is too violent plays to my shih tzus so I have to interrupt... But I'm glad she is not so afraid if we have guests. At first she goes behind the corner but she is so nosy that she comes quite fast to get to know our guests :) Lovely Hilda, I'm so happy about her!
 We have take a short walks with her so she get use to walk in a leash, but I think there is no learning about - she walks like adults. So nice beside, sometimes of course she notice something other side the road... Couple photos, today when Hilda had her first raw bone with some meat (it was yummy), and yesterday outside."


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